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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Review

Runtime: 128mins | Director: J. A. Bayona | Rating: 2.25 Stars When I saw Jurassic World back in 2015 I wasn’t blown away at all. In fact, I’d almost go as far as to say I disliked it. Sure, it wasn’t horrible, but there were a lot of things which irked me – a tired, stereotypical plot, cheesy slow-motion raptors saving the day and the main character running around the park in completely inappropriate high heels to name but a few. So, when I went into Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom my expectations were low. And, as expected, the film met them. In Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom , both Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard) and Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) are reunited when they are recruited on a mission to return to Isla Nublar – the island where Jurassic Park was built. Their mission is to rescue the remaining dinosaurs on the island before an active volcano erupts and wipes them out (again). Soon, however, the couple realise there are greater threats than the volcano a

Harold and Maude Review - The Greatest Rom-Com?

Runtime: 91mins | Director: Hal Ashby | Year: 1971 | Rating: 5 Stars Recently, I attended another of Uckfield Picture House’s ‘Cinephile Sunday’ events to see one of my favourite films – Harold and Maude , directed by Hal Ashby. Harold and Maude follows the life of Harold (Bud Cort), a 20-year-old who is obsessed with death and suicide. Despite his mother’s best efforts to secure him a partner and make him ‘normal’, he simply cannot find love. Whilst on one of his regular days out to attend a stranger’s funeral Harold meets Maude (Ruth Gordon) – an eccentric 80-year-old holocaust survivor who now lives her life to the full. This encounter changes Harold’s life instantly as a taboo romance between them blossoms. Without a doubt, Harold and Maude is one of the quirkier films you will ever watch, but it is also one of the most uplifting and genuinely moving too. Many people will find it off-putting due to the incredibly large age gap between them, but honestly, you don’