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Does Aquaman Sink or Swim?

Runtime: 142mins | Director: James Wan | Rating: 3 Stars | Credits Scene: Yes Unfortunately, DC has earned itself a terrible name amongst filmgoers. This is mainly due to its unnecessarily rushed character development, terrible CGI, and poor, often uninteresting plotlines. In fact, bar Wonder Woman , none of them can truly be deemed acceptable. And, even then, Wonder Woman was nothing special - when you set the bar low, you don’t need to aim high to succeed… I had hoped that Justice League would resolve their recurrent issues. After all, it’s the biggest names in DC coming together for an epic film – how could they get it wrong? Well, as most of you know, they did. And spectacularly so at that. So, what am I trying to get at? Basically, that DC, so far, has been shit. Was Aquaman the film to change this? In a sense, yes. In others, no. Following the events of Justice League , Arthur Curry – Aquaman (Jason Momoa) - finds himself having to save the world yet again - t

Projected Film - My Top 3 Christmas Films

As the year draws to a hasty end, I’ve decided that I haven’t been producing enough ‘seasonal content’. Whether it’s a ‘Top 3 Horror Films’ list for Halloween or a ‘Top 3 Rom Coms’ list for Valentines Day, I’ve been slacking. In an attempt to remedy this, I present you with Projected Film’s Christmas List – Top 3 Christmas Films! So, without further ado – let’s delve in. 1.        Home Alone The night before his family are due to fly to Paris, 8-year old Kevin McCallister has a row with his family and ends up being sent to sleep in the attic. Once there, he resentfully prays for his family to disappear, so he can spend Christmas alone and fully independent. Little does he know though, his wish is about to come true! Kevin quickly realises, however, independence isn’t all its cracked up to be when two burglars attempt to break into his house and he must defend it alone at all costs. Though I’m sure many would place Home Alone lower, it will always be my favour