Why Bother Reading?

Hello! First impressions are everything, right? So I guess this is the part where I’m supposed to give you some witty and enticing reason as to why you should continue to read any further… Truth is, I have none other than I love going to the cinema, and I intend to give you honest reviews of the films I see which, hopefully, you’ll enjoy reading. I’ve always loved film from a young age, and if you have a spare five minutes, I’m sure reading my reviews are a better way to waste them than browsing Facebook for the umpteenth time today.

Unfortunately, I’ve decided to start writing reviews at a bad time. Summer is over, a lot of the big releases have come out, and now it’s a waiting game until the cinematic world picks up steam once again and I have more juicy content to provide you with.

As a consequence, so that my blog doesn’t become a barren wasteland of one review every month (an easy pit to fall into…), I intend to write about a few films I’ve seen over the summer, and then a few personal favourites to give you an idea of my own tastes. Although these won’t be recent, hopefully they’ll still be interesting enough to bait your attention, and, of course, I’ll also be reviewing any new film that comes out which I think is review worthy.

Anyway, enough drivel! I appreciate you being here even if it’s by accident, and hopefully you enjoy what I write (if not, that’s cool too - that's the beauty of cinema, subjectivity!). Feedback is always welcome, and if anyone has a particular film they want reviewed, don’t hesitate to ask – the more films, the better! 


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